Comet administration: We are all to blame

01 Nov 2012

The sad news about Comet's journey to administration has come as no shock.

Despite all its advertising recently - with the giant electrical items in everyday places, and the conveyor belt 'Generation Game' style advert - there is no escaping the fact that people are just not visiting physical electrical stores as much as they did.

With the onslaught of Amazon (and other sites obviously) the beauty of having your shopping delivered to your door, often free of charge, is far too much to resist.

When faced with the choice of schlepping in the car to the nearest retail park, where invariably these stores are situated, or sitting there in the comfort of my own home clicking a mouse - unfortunately I choose the latter.

That gives me more time to spend with people I care about and do things I actually enjoy.

Let's face it, who really enjoys battling through traffic and crowds and queuing up in an overheated store to pay for an item you probably could have got cheaper online?

Didn't think so.

Stores like Comet really do have their work cut out, and I fear a few more retailers will find themselves in a similar position before too long.

As I said, we are all to blame for the Comet situation. But it is not our fault - we just want an easy, hassle-free life.

I hope it finds a good buyer to give it a new lease of life - like Woolworths, it is a name I have grown up with, but unfortunately I'm convinced Comet will become another online brand soon enough.

It is just a shame so many jobs are under potential threat this close to Christmas.

Times they are (still) a'changing, especially in retail.

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