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16 Nov 2012

Outside view of Battersea Arena venue of the CRN Channel Awards 2012

Wow - another fantastic night at the CRN Awards. 

I just want to say how proud I am to be part of the UK channel and part of that event.

Last night was a chance to reward success - not just of the winners, but everyone that was shortlisted.

I know some of you may be cynical about the awards and the amount of times I said it was a close-run thing, but it really was. The standard of entry was amazing this year. Of course a few still have things to work on, but I really feel we are turning a corner with entries now. So thank you for paying attention to my witterings about entry quality!

To see a rundown of our winners and judges commended, please click here.

The fact that I am finding it hard to actually write any words today are proof that it was definitely a good night, but I'm regretting that last gin at Pacha!

I cannot thank everyone involved in the event enough - from the judges that put all the hard work into deciding who the winners will be, to the entrants themselves for taking the time to submit an entry and last but not least our briliant events and production teams who make it all into reality.

Last night there were around 1,700 people in total - networking, catching up with old friends and generally having a good time.

I have to thank everyone for being so attentive during the awards as well - I've never know them go so smoothly!

Our compere for the evening- Ed Byrne - who we booked many months ago - seemed to go down well as well, with just a few on the edge jokes that had everyone's full attention!

The after show party at Pacha was the usual rowdy affair, with people packed onto the dancefloor and once I'd removed my shoes, I was able to last until after 5am.  The state of my feet was not pleasant I have to admit.

I'm looking forward to next year already. The Channel Awards 2013 train starts rolling again in the Spring - start getting ready to sing your own praises and knock this year's winners off their perches!

I'm now off to lie in a darkened room and rock slowly, clutching a bottle of water!

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