Are you having fun? Then stop it NOW.

21 Nov 2012


Are you prone to gluttony over Christmas?

If so you must read the latest email from party pooper extraordinaires the British Dietetic Association (BDA) which says we eat on average an extra 500 calories every day over Christmas.

As it advises the little black dress season is now upon us, but how do you ensure it still fits on New Year's Eve?

By not overindulging of course, we all shriek in reply! I even like to stick in a little more exercise to make up as well - but don't let me stop them mid-lecture.

With handy hints such as eat smartly before a party and don't fill up on fatty stodge at the buffet table (who said there would be a buffet table anyway?), park a little further away and walk the extra distance to the party, and don't drink cocktails full of sugar, cream and other good stuff, this release ensures you will be the most boring person in any party room.

On a good note ladies - we can drink dry white wine spritzers because they contain less alcohol and fewer calories.

But wait! You CAN have a cocktail - stick to Screwdrivers or a Cosmopolitan - less calories doncha know.

That way we can still stick a Hoover in our hand and do some clearing up along the way because we will basically be STONE COLD SOBER.

And as for festive food - forget it.  Avoid creamy dips, mayo-loaded salads, fried foods and mince pies.  Yes to skinless chicken, dry salads and raw vegetables (gag).

If you are still awake and reading on - we are allowed to dance the night away because, yes, it burns off the calories.

So rather than staggering round any parties I go to, clutching a gin and sampling any culinary delights, this year, according to the BDA I will be sour-faced, nibbling carrot sticks and drinking a dry wine spritzer.

So don't talk to me in other words. Look for people that are having FUN.

It is only fair that Sian Porter, consultant dietician at the BDA, has the last word.

"“For many of us, Christmas time is the one time of the year we get all our friends together for a night, or nights, of fun and celebration. However, all too often we can over do the eating and drinking, meaning the party clothes that look absolutely fabulous on on December 1st can become a little snug by the time we get to New Year’s Eve on the 31st.

“It’s not about being a kill joy, rather it’s all about having fun and making choices. You can go all out and attack all the food and drink you clap eyes on, or you can pace yourself, make healthier choices and use portion control. Either way, the British Dietetic Association wishes everybody a Very Merry Christmas and a Happy and Healthy 2013!”

Yeah, and a Happy bloody Christmas to you too.



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