Driving growth

Vintage Rolls-Royce

Oracle’s channel boss tells us why he only wants partners prepared to put in the miles on a Rolls-Royce technology

24 Apr 2014

When Irish eyes are smiling

Giants Causeway Northern Ireland

Northern Ireland has become an increasingly optimistic place for IT companies, channel firms included

24 Apr 2014

Fujitsu announces new year Northern Irish jobs bonanza

Comtek brings Nortel back to life in Belfast

A revealing Insight

Wolfgang Ebermann Insight

The VAR giant’s recently appointed EMEA boss tells us about the firm’s growth plans, possible partnerships, and why the company is over its profit problems

23 Apr 2014

Disruptive forces in good health

Chris Gonsalves asks who could be the Amazon of healthcare IT

11 Apr 2014

Get ready for the new technology buyer

The sweet spot for the reseller is moving but can the VAR keep up?

09 Apr 2014

Displaying the past, present and future

Interactive exhibitions are no longer just the preserve of specialists, as Fleur Doidge discovers

07 Apr 2014

Life in the old dog yet?

As Windows XP reaches the end of its life, Hannah Breeze investigates why some organisations just will not - or cannot - let go of the 13-year-old operating system

07 Apr 2014

AC decision time?

WLAN kit complying with 802.11ac is out. Fleur Doidge asks whether yet another wireless upgrade will be too hard to digest

04 Apr 2014

Google flu trends and the future of Big Data

Accurate analysis of large amounts of data is more difficult to achieve than many think, notes Chris Gonsalves

31 Mar 2014

Office for iPad a potential partner bonanza

Reviews suggest new tablet offering is "best chance of driving adoption"

28 Mar 2014

Digital omnivores reveal multi-platform power

A US survey suggests a direction for future mobile and telecoms opportunities. Chris Gonsalves reports

27 Mar 2014

Watch for calls to break up Symantec

Symantec synergies are under the microscope, notes Larry Walsh

25 Mar 2014

Special report: Health, wealth and mobility

In this Special Report sponsored by Panasonic with Centerprise International, the temperature of the mobile healthcare market is rising

24 Mar 2014

Second-chance saloon

Evolving law continues to support an EU market for the resale of used software – under certain conditions. Fleur Doidge finds out more

24 Mar 2014

Oracle Diamond status for HP bad for channel

Oracle and HP may have been pals before top partner award but the channel still stands to lose

18 Mar 2014

Partners poised to fill Big Data skills gap

IBM survey reveals change in the market that providers should act on

13 Mar 2014

Team building

Homes and offices of the future will be smartened up with sensors and connected with computers. And for VARs, the whole may prove greater than the sum of its parts

10 Mar 2014

What VARs could learn from the Vikings

The Nordic model is sometimes held up as an exemplar for public policy and business practice. Fleur Doidge wonders if the Vikings might have something to teach the modern reseller

06 Mar 2014

Paying their due

Might channel salespeople soon receive a raise after years of frozen salaries? Fleur Doidge investigates the state of pay

26 Feb 2014

Dropbox open for business

With all the brouhaha about the risks of the free cloud storage and file-sharing app, should channel partners be warning customers away? Dean Gurden reports

25 Feb 2014

Me, sir! Please, sir!

Bets are being laid on who will win the schoolyard scuffle that's brewing in the UK education sector between Microsoft and Google

24 Feb 2014

Five UK cities you didn't know were tech hubs

London might be considered the focal point of UK plc, but resellers are thriving in locations outside of the south east, finds Hannah Breeze

21 Feb 2014

Raising the CRM bar: Two different approaches

Chris Gonsalves says this week's Microsoft and Shoretel moves in the space show promise

20 Feb 2014

Time to consider if cloud is better, not just cheaper

A study has cast doubt on the commonplace cost argument for cloud. Chris Gonsalves reports

20 Feb 2014

Start me up

As this country's highest profile IT entrepreneur casts doubt on the UK's ability to cultivate an industry giant, we ask what it takes to make a great technology business

14 Feb 2014


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