Displaying the past, present and future

Neanderthal man

Interactive exhibitions are no longer just the preserve of specialists, as Fleur Doidge discovers

07 Apr 2014

AC decision time?


WLAN kit complying with 802.11ac is out. Fleur Doidge asks whether yet another wireless upgrade will be too hard to digest

04 Apr 2014

Channel services firms tie knot in wireless wedding

Wireless against an all-pervasive backdrop

Second-chance saloon

Businessmen on ladder

Evolving law continues to support an EU market for the resale of used software – under certain conditions. Fleur Doidge finds out more

24 Mar 2014

FAST FUD leaves bad taste for Discount-Licensing

Business as usual for Discount-Licensing

Team building

Homes and offices of the future will be smartened up with sensors and connected with computers. And for VARs, the whole may prove greater than the sum of its parts

10 Mar 2014

What VARs could learn from the Vikings

The Nordic model is sometimes held up as an exemplar for public policy and business practice. Fleur Doidge wonders if the Vikings might have something to teach the modern reseller

06 Mar 2014

Paying their due

Might channel salespeople soon receive a raise after years of frozen salaries? Fleur Doidge investigates the state of pay

26 Feb 2014

Dropbox open for business

With all the brouhaha about the risks of the free cloud storage and file-sharing app, should channel partners be warning customers away? Dean Gurden reports

25 Feb 2014

Five UK cities you didn't know were tech hubs

London might be considered the focal point of UK plc, but resellers are thriving in locations outside of the south east, finds Hannah Breeze

21 Feb 2014

Time to consider if cloud is better, not just cheaper

A study has cast doubt on the commonplace cost argument for cloud. Chris Gonsalves reports

20 Feb 2014

Bett show looks to wider world

The largest education tech show around focused even more on benefits for schools and global trade opportunities

10 Feb 2014

Backdoor entry

Hardware sold by the channel may well include backdoors or implants for government snooping. Should the channel worry?

24 Jan 2014

Speaking volumes

Fleur Doidge discovers a datacentre partnering opportunity for channel partners

20 Jan 2014

Looking to the future

It’s time to take a look at 2014 and what this new year might bring for the channel. Fleur Doidge asks around

13 Jan 2014

A 2013 channel Christmas

Christmas can be as varied as the families doing the celebrating. Fleur Doidge asks leading channel executives how they plan to spend their day

23 Dec 2013

Still chirpy at 30

Not everyone can claim they founded a company that flourished during the Gulf War and actually invested in a virtual music store before Apple’s Steve Jobs, but Centerprise International’s founder Rafi Razzak has a very interesting tale to tell.

17 Dec 2013

That was the year that was...

Bankrupt companies, security scandals and the emergence of ‘VARmageddon' made for an action-packed year in the channel

17 Dec 2013

Profusion of confusion

Is your customer lost in a tangle of unauthorised apps and impromptu device implementations? Fleur Doidge explores the world of shadow IT

16 Dec 2013

Reputation is everything

A whopping 64 per cent of IT manager respondents to a recent CRN survey said peer recommendations are an influence when choosing IT suppliers

10 Dec 2013

The buzzwords that fell flat for security channel in 2013

Security VARs draw up battleplans for 2014 as they reflect on this year's damp squibs

05 Dec 2013

Emerging into the light

Spelunking might be the act of exploring a cave, but a company with a similar name may be a torch for BI users, as Nick Booth discovers

19 Nov 2013

Scotland the brave

Long-term prospects further north look good for channel companies, finds Fleur Doidge

18 Nov 2013

Playing politics with IT procurement

Avnet's recent GovPath University event at the House of Commons highlighted the ways in which government attitudes towards SMB suppliers have changed, reports Sara Yirrell

15 Nov 2013

Private eyes

Now Dell has gone private again, what does the future hold for the firm and its partners?

05 Nov 2013

Sovereign power

Data sovereignty lies at the heart of VMware's cloud strategy as it rolls out its VCHS service across Europe. But will the plans leave partners feeling like they have no independent authority over their cloud offerings? Hannah Breeze investigates

04 Nov 2013

Great-great-grandmother of invention

Never mind the fathers of computing – what about the mothers, without whom the IT channel would not exist in all its glory? Fleur Doidge reports

04 Nov 2013


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