6 MSSP leaders reveal their emerging vendor and technology tips for 2023

Leaders from Saepio, Sapphire, Bridewell, Integrity360 and Perfomanta reveal which emerging cybersecurity vendors and technologies they are tipping for take off this year

Doug Woodburn
clock • 11 min read

Karen Bolton, CEO, Nettitude

What cyber technology, service or approach are you expecting more of your customers to adopt in 2023?

Customers are looking for their cybersecurity problems to be solved and complexity to be reduced.

It is often a challenge for many organisations to fully understand and prioritise the various security options available to them. Modular service offerings, delivered as a package that speaks to the main pain points of an organisation, make it easier for customers to make effective buying decisions. The good thing is that demand and education around cybersecurity continues to grow, which demonstrates increasing business priority for this area. However, it also means that the demand for skilled cybersecurity professionals is growing, making it more difficult to gain access to talent. Consequently, the consumer focus has been on the search for trusted specialists delivering managed services.

Previously, organisations may have been in a position where they had taken bits of security service from different providers. Today, owing to economic pressures and the need for operational efficiency, priorities have shifted. We're seeing demand for value for money and a desire from organisations to streamline their security requirements to one trusted provider with the right blend of skilled professionals and services. Demand for broad packages of cybersecurity services, which measurably fulfil cyber strategy goals, will continue to grow.

How do you expect the threat landscape to evolve in 2023?

World events, such as conflicts and regional economic outlooks, will continue to shape the cybersecurity industry in 2023. So too will the escalating threat of ransomware, where we can expect to see the complexity of attacks continue to evolve. 

Further, you can also expect cyber insurance to remain a hot topic.

Cyber insurance will continue to evolve and is an important component of a cyber risk management plan, however it cannot be the number one strategy. Underwriters are increasingly adding to coverage requirements and cost, as well as carving out larger exclusions. 

Organisations need to be able to anticipate the direction their business will move in (for example, adopting a cloud-based approach) and therefore anticipate the way these changes will impact relevant threats to the organisation. In other business contexts, you can use insurance as a sole or primary driver to mitigate risk. When it comes to cybersecurity, insurance cannot be your number one strategy. It gives a level of comfort, but it must be surrounded by a broader strategy of how you prioritise your assets for protection and how you are going to become more mature within your cybersecurity capability.

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