Andy Roberts

Andy Roberts

Chief executive, Sabio Group

What was your dream career as a child?

Watching Ian Botham save the Ashes at Headingley in 1981 made me want to be a Test cricketer - sadly that never happened.

What has been your personal highlight of 2019?

I've been proudest watching my daughters improve massively and succeed in their rugby and equestrian activities this year.

What two things (apart from family) would you grab if your house was on fire?

Memories are irreplaceable, so it would have to be photo albums and family paintings.

Which of your 2019 predictions have come to pass?

At Sabio Group we predicted greater interest in digital and analytics solutions, and that's certainly worked well for us having broadened our portfolio. As ever, we've seen our market continue to rapidly evolve and expect this to continue in 2020.

What TV show have you binge watched this year?

I've not had enough time to binge watch this year, but The Last Kingdom was good.

How has 2019 been from a business perspective?

2019 is proving to be a very good year, with strong organic growth, further opportunities in the M&A area as well as the introduction of exciting new propositions for Sabio Group.

What annoys you most about your commute?

I can't complain - I travel a lot, so no two days are the same.

If you could witness one past event, what would it be?

13 July 1985, Wembley Stadium, Queen's Live Aid performance - 17 legendary minutes!

How do you explain the channel to people?

Our goal is to deploy the best products available to the channel, complement those with our own IP expertise and technical skills, and combine these elements to create solutions that deliver real benefits and value for our customers.

What have been your favourite and least favourite partner conference destinations?

My favourite destination is Cape Town; my least favourite would be those destinations that you end up going to again and again - it's much better to be surprised!

What is the biggest challenge facing the channel in 2020?

The biggest challenge will be the continued pace of technological change, with the winners being those able to make the right interventions at the right time. Having great people in place is critical, particularly for those organisations looking for a specialist partner to advise and support them on this journey.

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