Industry Voice: Unleash hyper-growth with strategic marketing

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Industry Voice: Unleash hyper-growth with strategic marketing

Now, more than ever, every pound we spend has to deliver a solid ROI. Marketing holds the key to driving the sales functions of our businesses and by building a healthy relationship between marketing and sales, you can set the stage for hyper-growth within the channel.

When it comes to crafting your marketing plan, it's crucial to remember that as a partner, you bring unique selling points and value to the table. Seize this golden opportunity with both hands by showcasing your true worth to attract marketing investments from your strategic vendors and partners.

With over 20 years of experience, ResourceiT has engaged in conversations with vendors like Microsoft, understanding what they seek in partners. It is abundantly clear to us that unique value is what they are looking for, be it through your target audience, innovative sales approach or compelling customer stories. Articulating this to vendors is of paramount importance.

In this article, we are going to cover how to develop a strategic marketing plan that not only attracts the right customers and delivers results, but also drives investments from your partners.

If you are eager to learn more, continue reading and check out the first webinar, on Wednesday 12th July, in our brand-new Channel Pulse webinar series, MDF Mastery: Unlocking the power of market development funds for maximum impact.

Get to know your ideal customers

The first step in this process is identifying your target audience. Close your eyes and envision your perfect customers - the ones who not only make your heart sing but also bring prosperity to your business. We all have those energy-draining, discount-demanding, perpetually late-paying clients. You need to focus on those clients who bring a smile to your face, substantial profits and foster fruitful collaboration.

Begin by identifying the characteristics of your ideal prospects - consider their size, industry, geographical location and where they stand in terms of their technology journey. Also, it's really important to establish your personas. Think about the customers that ring you up and make you feel happy inside. Who are they? What is their job? What type of person are they? Once you've figured that out you can focus on attracting more of them.  

Unleash your business empathy

Now that you have pinpointed your target audience, it's time to don their shoes and delve into their business. What keeps them awake at night? What are the burning desires, challenges and aspirations that resonate with them?

To fully utilise the power of marketing, you must connect with your audience on a profound level, addressing their needs and positioning your solution as the hero they've been yearning for. Craft messaging with finesse and flair, touching upon their pain points and aspirations with the precision of an artist's brushstroke.

For example, if I was to start bragging about how ResourceiT is an award-winning marketing agency with over 20 years of experience in the technology sector, it may instil you with confidence, but you want to hear something that matters. You want to hear that I can help you grow your business and get tangible, measurable results from your marketing.

This is a prime example of connecting with your audience on things they genuinely care about, not bombarding them with a bunch of stats about your business that leave them scratching their heads.

What can you offer that resonates with your target audience?

To capture the attention and interest of your target audience, it's essential to offer something that truly resonates with them. Reflect on the drivers we discussed earlier and consider how you can help alleviate these pressing concerns. Showcase your expertise and track record and have your prospect thinking ‘Wow! This is exactly what we need.'

Do this by sharing captivating case studies, testimonials and success stories that bear testament to your ability to tackle challenges similar to those faced by businesses just like theirs. Highlight the time and money saved, the enhanced efficiency and the undeniable positive impact on their bottom line. By providing concrete evidence of your capabilities, you instil confidence, proving yourself as the perfect partner to help their business flourish.

Building Authentic Connections and Achieving Remarkable ROI

Now that you possess this acute understanding of your target audience's needs and have tailored your solutions accordingly, the next step is to determine how to effectively target these businesses. You need to select the most befitting channels, tactics and messaging to reach and engage your audience. Align your marketing efforts with their business rhythms, delivering valuable insights and answering their questions even before they arise.

I also urge you to remember that it's not merely about generating leads; it's about building authentic connections and nurturing relationships that withstand the test of time. Whether you choose targeted digital advertising, thought leadership content, personalized email campaigns or industry events, be strategic in your selection. Craft your message tactically, deliver it in the most captivating manner and ensure it reaches your target audience at the opportune moment. Only then can you maximise the effectiveness of your marketing endeavours and achieve the results that you desire.

Remembering this can significantly boost reach and return on investment (ROI). Whether it's LinkedIn, media buying leads, telemarketing or any other marketing vehicle, strategic positioning of your value proposition and a compelling call to action can make all the difference - we witness it first-hand with regularity.

Often, "push" tactics are employed to drive engagement - inviting people to attend events, download datasheets, read whitepapers or access valuable assets. However, it's essential to ensure that the content provided genuinely adds value to the customer and gives them something worthwhile in return.

Marketing is a powerful exchange. You provide something valuable, be it information, resources or experiences, in return for the customer's currency, time or data. If you ask for a payment, you must deliver exceptional value that truly resonates with them.

Unleash Success Through an Agency

Now, you may be wondering whether you should consider working with an agency. We at ResourceiT firmly believe that we deliver numerous benefits. Firstly, you gain a wide range of skill sets. While you may have an in-house marketing person who understands your business, expecting them to juggle copywriting, infographic design, Google ads management, website maintenance and strategic discussions is ambitious, to say the least! That's where an agency like us comes into its own.

Expert copywriters will craft compelling content, qualified graphic designers create eye-catching visuals and digital experts will execute successful campaigns. All this while being managed by a strategic marketer who deftly asks the right questions and ensures your marketing efforts dance in perfect harmony with your goals.

Furthermore, having an agency by your side grants you the incredible advantage of agility. In the ever-changing business landscape, being able to scale up or down at a moment's notice is a vital attribute. Whether you need to ramp up your efforts to seize a new opportunity or streamline your operations during challenging times, the flexibility offered by an agency ensures that you can navigate the unpredictable with ease.

To wrap it all up, here are my three top tips to keep in mind as you embark on your strategic marketing journey:

  1. Know your target audience inside out. Deep dive into what your most profitable customers look like and who brings the best business for you as a partner.
  2. Stay relevant. Continuously align your messaging with what your target audience cares about. This will generate a higher return on investment than ever before.
  3. ROI is key. Keep the return on investment at the forefront of your mind when planning and executing your marketing tactics. Consider the numbers and ensure every pound you spend delivers the results you need.

With these guidelines in hand, you're ready to build a strategic marketing plan that attracts the right customers and drives business growth. So, go for it. Success awaits those who dare to strategise and execute with purpose.

Now that we've covered how to go about developing a strategic marketing plan to drive ROI, the next step is putting this into practice and positioning your plan to entice vendors to secure their investment. Join our webinar on the Wednesday 12th July - MDF Mastery: Unlocking the power of market development funds for maximum impact.

We'll reveal insider tips on leveraging MDF funds and delve into how you can go about gaining unwavering support from vendor Sales teams. Don't miss out on the opportunity!

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