CRN Channel Conference - Mobility


Join CRN on 8 May in central London for the first of two channel conferences this year

19 Feb 2014

CRN Darts Night 2014


Save the date - Wednesday 17 September.

13 Jan 2014

CRN Sales and Marketing Awards 2014

SMAs room

Save the date! Join us at The Brewery on 3 July for our fast-growing new awards evening

13 Jan 2014

CRN Fight Night 2014

The channel's only white-collar boxing event is back on Thursday 22 May 2014. Could YOU be a part of it?

28 Nov 2013

CRN Web seminar: Staying ahead of the competition

In this web seminar, commissioned by TalkTalk Business, our live panel will discuss how resellers can keep hold of their customers in an increasingly crowded market

23 Oct 2013

CRN Business Club 2013 - Fourth meeting

Save the date - 5 December - for the final Business Club of the year

23 Oct 2013

CRN Business Club 2013 - third meeting

Join CRN once more at Kettners for a night of networking and entertainment with a special guest speaker

10 Sep 2013

Channel Awards 2013

Get ready for the 20th anniversary of the channel's biggest awards party

02 Jul 2013

CRN Darts Night

Save the date - 18 September 2013 - for a brand new CRN event.

12 Jun 2013

CRN Channel Conference 2013

Join CRN in central London on 10 October for a programme packed with tips on how to transition your business to managed services

06 Jun 2013

CRN Business Club 2013 - second meeting

Save the date for 27 June - the Business Club is back

10 May 2013

CRN Sales & Marketing Awards 2013

Year two of awards dedicated to individual and team success in the channel

04 Jan 2013

CRN Fight Night 2013

It's back on 23 May and our fighters mean business!

04 Jan 2013

CRN Partner Connect 2013

'Big Four' speakers now confirmed in our mobility-themed theatre

04 Jan 2013

CRN Business Club 2013 - First meeting

Save the date - the Business Club is coming back!

04 Jan 2013

Web Seminar: Is cloud the saviour of the anti-virus market?

Join CRN for this live web seminar to hear how you can cash-in on the cloud-based security market

24 Oct 2012

CRN On: Banking and Finance

A second in our series of mini-events looking at vertical sectors

24 Oct 2012

CRN Business Club 2012 - Fourth meeting

Save the date: The fourth and final meeting of the year takes place on 6 December

15 Oct 2012

CRN Business Club 2012 - Third meeting

Save the date - the third meeting of the CRN Business Club will take place on 27 September

23 Jul 2012

CRN On Healthcare

Watch all the best bits from our recent event examining what IT buyers in the healthcare space want

19 Jul 2012

CRN web seminar - connecting the cloud puzzle

In this web seminar, sponsored by TalkTalk Business, find out why it is becoming even more important to get with the right network provider as customers' cloud demands become ever more complex

16 Jul 2012

CRN Channel Conference 2012 - Save the date

Join CRN at the Thistle Hotel in Marble Arch, London on 11 October

20 Jun 2012

Channel Awards 2012

Join us at Battersea on 15 November for the annual Channel Oscars

01 Jun 2012

CRN Cloud Forum 2012

Join us at our cloud event on Thursday 14 June at Le Meridien, Piccadilly

24 May 2012

CRN On.....Healthcare

The first in an exciting series of events delving into vertical markets. This event digs deeper into issues around the healthcare supply chain

09 May 2012


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