IT channel equality not quite achieved

Polycom's Jo-Anne Handley

What you do is more important than who you are but we need to work to make this a reality, says Jo-Anne Handley

25 Jul 2014

Not who you are but what you do

OK, I've been to a women in IT thing....

Beware false 'software-defined' status

Nexenta's Thomas Cornely

Proprietary vendor claims of software definition are not what they seem, says Thomas Cornely

24 Jul 2014

Preparing for a software-defined world

Oracle to boost software-defined networking offer

Anti-piracy campaign may affect businesses

Lee Wade says Vcap is only the beginning of a strategy to target businesses that allow staff to download files

22 Jul 2014

Slogging through Microsoft spin at WPC

Chris Gonsalves sharpens his edge on last week's hype in Washington DC

21 Jul 2014

Businesses need basic security controls

Many business customers are simply not doing enough to protect themselves against data security incidents, warns Garry Sidaway

18 Jul 2014

Danger in front of the screen

User error puts organisations at risk but few handle such problems correctly, says Paul Le Messurier

17 Jul 2014

Businesses are asking about the Internet of Things

Chad Jones talks up the channel's role in connecting the bits within a wider web

16 Jul 2014

Desktops at your service instead of VDI

Is there room for the channel to benefit from the latest services trend? Tyler Rohrer reports

15 Jul 2014

Cash in on the retail landscape

There’s a big opportunity in helping bricks-and-mortar stores sell more to their customers, says David Astley

14 Jul 2014

Rush to interception law merely fills UK gap

Privacy campaigner fears notwithstanding, the new UK act is about an already-existing capability, explains Alan Woodward

11 Jul 2014

The IT manager is not dead

Technological change makes the IT support role more important, not less, says Paul Bryce

10 Jul 2014

Distribution packages crucial for cloud sales

Cloud technology adoption is happening faster, but are resellers prepared? Jeremy Davies explains

09 Jul 2014

Owning the connectivity

Lee Broxson says it is important for resellers to choose the right data partner

08 Jul 2014

Sandboxing not the answer

Organisations should not try to rely on anti-virus, but what is the alternative? Chris Dye outlines some issues

07 Jul 2014

Making IT a business driver

Simply supporting the business customer is not enough, notes Richard Eglon

03 Jul 2014

The generation game

SMB VARs may need to focus on today's younger, more independent buyers, suggests Chris Gonsalves

02 Jul 2014

Turning tin into gold

Resellers remain resistant to the need to move away from box shifting, says Matt Tomlinson

01 Jul 2014

Not who you are but what you do

Barbara Spicek says it is time to look past gender in the IT channel

26 Jun 2014

A mainframe-based cloud service

Yes, you heard right. Dale Vile discovers another flight path in the market

25 Jun 2014

Web-scale IT for the new datacentre

Steve Kaplan talks about infrastructure and datacentre capabilities

24 Jun 2014

Beyond traditional anti-virus

Melih Abdulhayoğlu says there is already an answer to the problem of anti-virus

23 Jun 2014

Card transactions and cloud security

Paige Leidig says cloud data security issues must be ironed out to ensure payment card compliance

20 Jun 2014

SDN on the edge

Ajay Malik asks how the channel can embrace an open approach in a software-defined world

19 Jun 2014

GCHQ threat-sharing plan is positive move

Will Semple welcomes the move to more UK business and GHCQ co-operation on security

18 Jun 2014


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