Those security integration advantages

TDSi's John Davies

Converged security systems offer a large number of benefits across a range of business areas, explains John Davies

19 Dec 2014

Norbain snaps up fellow distie CMS plc

Data surveillance puzzle remains unsolved

Cloud channel evolution, part deux

Egenera's John Humphreys

Wholesale and whitelabelled cloud services are key to channel sustainability, suggests John Humphreys

18 Dec 2014

Hockin and Reddin to drive storage for Cloud Distribution

Cloud Distribution outgrows offices

Analytics a help for vendors and their partners

Being a successful company in the channel is about the data too, says Farnaz Erfan

16 Dec 2014


Barrie Desmond examines the new demand trend that is shaping cybercrime markets

15 Dec 2014

Migrating south, up or sideways for the winter

Simon Townsend says the increasingly mixed OS environment remains in flux, presenting opportunities for resellers

12 Dec 2014

Could 2015 be the year to boost the refresh cycle?

Skilling up to give the right advice and coaching to support tech upgrades will be key next year, says Adrian Crawley

11 Dec 2014

What was, what is and what should never be

A look at 2014, 2015 and beyond in data breach terms with Stephen Coty

10 Dec 2014

Partnering has more power than ever

Businesses and other organisations need more reseller guidance on the many system and PC choices, says James Blackman

09 Dec 2014

IoT at the tipping point

Gavin Wheeldon enthuses about the potential for Internet of Things technologies

08 Dec 2014

What can we learn from The Apprentice?

Escape a too-quick exit from the boardroom by considering where training and skill development is needed, suggests David Small

02 Dec 2014

Musings on the IoT

Certain issues must be addressed to drive innovation in a more profoundly connected world, notes Olivier Pauzet

28 Nov 2014

Challenge accepted, now the channel fun begins

Lenovo is moving to a single PC-server channel post-x86 IBM takeover, notes Larry Walsh

27 Nov 2014

Government data proposals ill considered and impractical

How could services providers retain more data in the event of a new law, asks Lawrence Jones

26 Nov 2014

Nice works if you can get it

Being nicer to customers through support can take your IT business a long way, notes Steve Ackers

25 Nov 2014

Do move quickly on MS16-068 patch

This week's Microsoft MS16-068 security patch requires immediate action to protect customers, says Gavin Millard

21 Nov 2014

Is social value enough for work Facebook?

Tristan Rogers comments on the rumours Facebook is about to release a work-focused version

20 Nov 2014

Get out of list hell with sales intel

Salespeople waste far too much time on preparatory research, according to Henry Schuck

18 Nov 2014

What's in store for resellers in 2015

Philippe Fosse highlights hybrid cloud in his key predictions for next year

14 Nov 2014

Take up those audiovisual opportunities

The IT channel has the whip hand as applications converge on IP networks, promises Carl Hayesmore

13 Nov 2014

Buying business IT and communications today

Andrew Dickinson skewers the state of modern reseller businesses trying to cut costs

12 Nov 2014

Act on the business hotel threat

Richard Cassidy reacts to news that business travellers have been tracked via hotel WiFi

11 Nov 2014

Cashing in on multi-touch multi-user

For Paolo Pedrazzoli there's a channel opportunity in multi-touch technology

10 Nov 2014

Time for a proper mobile coverage consultation

Antony Walker says three weeks is not long enough to consult on coverage issues that hamper businesses

06 Nov 2014

Holiday pay rule leaves questions unanswered

Major costs to businesses are likely following new employment tribunal ruling, says John Allan

05 Nov 2014


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