Profitably employed

JSA's Ben Dunn

The laws have changed on self-employment and this may affect many IT contractors, notes Ben Dunn

23 Apr 2014

Apple, IBM and Microsoft lead US tax-avoiding spree

SMBs spend half a billion on tax admin per year

Faster, easier, cheaper

LSI's Thomas Pavel

Thomas Pavel reckons up some simple steps to improving an SMB datacentre

22 Apr 2014

More about enterprise SSD variations

Speedy SSDs increasingly favoured despite difficulties

Vendors fuel the device confusion debate

Larry Walsh of Channelnomics

Larry Walsh warns resellers not to rely on vendor perspectives when choosing the right end point for customers

17 Apr 2014

Dell promises more help for MSP channel

STEP up for Samsung UK channel focus

How to raise prices in managed services

Receiving the right MSP reward may be a science as much as an art, suggests Chris Gonsalves

16 Apr 2014

Stopping a Heartbleed

Getting to the Heart of a data protection problem with Chris Russell

15 Apr 2014

Why you should care about the security classifications

The government's new security classifications will affect the channel, says Bernard Parsons

14 Apr 2014

Why social media should matter

The channel can gain real benefits from harnessing social media, claims Jon Beck

11 Apr 2014

Insecurity for SMBs in G-Cloud changes

Government security reclassification could deter SMBs from G-Cloud services, warns Peter Groucutt

10 Apr 2014

A dirty job that partners should do

In the wake of XP there is a clean, profitable and green channel opportunity emerging, points out Chris Gonsalves

09 Apr 2014

How safe is your customer data post-XP?

Businesses are ignoring security risks in spite of XP support end, says Andy Brown

08 Apr 2014

Evolution of a species

Is there any hope for dinosaurs of the IT industry in a cloudy future? Calum Macleod envisages the new world

07 Apr 2014

What to do now XP end is nigh

Gartner analyst Michael Silver gives some tips for users Microsoft's ageing OS after Tuesday

04 Apr 2014

Another addition to the cloud portfolio

Cloud billing has a lot to offer the channel and resellers would do well to get on board now, claims Louis Hall

04 Apr 2014

Sirens in the sea of data

One thing you cannot compromise is colo but neither is it a commodity, warns Andy Huxtable

03 Apr 2014

Time runs out for Windows XP users

But it can take months or years to migrate an entire business to a new OS, says Ross Brewer

02 Apr 2014

Cloud, managed services distinction is a myth

Would services by another name smell so sweet? Larry Walsh explains the evolution

01 Apr 2014

Why hasn’t BYOD taken off?

Ben Davies skewers a few IT channel myths about the BYOD and mobile trends

31 Mar 2014

We need to talk about applications

Enterprise mobility is continuing to evolve and throw up new challenges, finds Kevin Bland

28 Mar 2014

Do consider the public hotspot threat

Public Wi-Fi is often treated casually and resellers must work to keep deployments secure, says Jim Lehane

27 Mar 2014

SAP-Adobe Marketing Cloud deal to benefit both

Reselling Adobe's marketing cloud will assist SAP with brand credibility, says Gerry Brown

26 Mar 2014

Adapt to managed print or die

The channel must embrace managed print solutions (MPS) and this is why, says Louella Fernandes

25 Mar 2014

Look out for the real dorks of content

Insecurity is brimming in content management systems, says Barry Schteiman

24 Mar 2014

Tell – don’t sell

Peter Urey explains how to get past a stalemate when moving beyond box-shifting

21 Mar 2014

Perhaps you too might be oblivious

New 'oblivious storage' techniques could be the answer to future cloud data security problems, suggests Darren Briscoe

20 Mar 2014

More ethical behaviour required in the channel

Transparency is good for customers and for the channel business, says Mat Deevey

19 Mar 2014


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