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IDC: EMEA flash market edging towards the $3bn mark

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External flash storage market grows by 32 per cent annually in 2014

30 Jan 2015

Mega-deals drive UK outsourcing surge


Market leapt 11 per cent in 2014

29 Jan 2015

HMRC IT overhaul could wreak 'havoc'

Government has 'little confidence' that department can move from long-running IT contract Aspire effectively

28 Jan 2015

‘Bad end' to 2014 sees tablet sales slump in Q4

But PC shipments are on the up, Context claims

27 Jan 2015

Please stay: Rise of the counter-offer culture

More than a fifth of tech staff were offered pay rise by current employer last time they moved jobs, according to survey

27 Jan 2015

Hybrid trumps private and public cloud - Oracle

Database giant says tide turning in favour of hybrid version of the fluffy form of IT

26 Jan 2015

Cars and kitchens are the future of IoT - Gartner

Some 250 million connected cars predicted by 2020, when internet-enabled kitchens will transform the retail market, analyst claims

26 Jan 2015

Good times, bad times

Who was set fair, and who had a 'mare, in the channel last week?

26 Jan 2015

David Cameron tops list of tech-savvy politicians

Prime minister picked as most technologically able of five leading politicians by 28 per cent of Brits polled

23 Jan 2015

Cisco: Careless end users driving malware threat

Cisco's latest security report finds that attackers are becoming increasingly sophisticated

20 Jan 2015

Cable: Businesses being failed by lack of EU digital unity

Business secretary calls for digital single market to help start-ups thrive

20 Jan 2015

Employees look to banish the Monday blues

Despite today being Blue Monday, research reveals that 57 per cent of UK workers are set to move jobs this year, with IT being the second-most unsettled industry

19 Jan 2015

Research: UK firms at risk of cyber attacks

Latest KPMG report on FTSE 350 firms reveals lack of clarity around security policy at board level is leaving them vulnerable

16 Jan 2015

HP threatening to retake PC crown from Lenovo

Gartner and IDC figures show HP closing in on market leader Lenovo in Q4

13 Jan 2015

In the court of King Consumer

Consumerisation is not going away any time soon and is set to continue to reverberate throughout the B2B channel in 2015, suggests Bob Tarzey

12 Jan 2015

Breakout year wear ever you like

Certain types of wearable are tipped to grow faster this year but activity trackers continue to dominate

09 Jan 2015

Where will channel growth come from in 2015?

Fleur Doidge asks industry watchers and channel insiders where businesses will focus this year

09 Jan 2015

MicroSD drives non-SSD flash memory market

Flash USB drives and standard-sized memory cards are in decline, says analyst

07 Jan 2015

Tablet market facing sluggish growth in 2015

Days of double-digit growth for tablets are over, warns Gartner

05 Jan 2015

Dragon bites back: China looks to homegrown tech

As diplomatic finger-pointing continues, a business battle may be brewing with increased tensions around security

01 Jan 2015

Report: Intercloud and IoT set to 'disrupt' in 2015

Research places both in the top three of the most disruptive technologies to impact businesses next year

30 Dec 2014

Healing hardware - how 2014 saw the rebound of the channel's key market, part two

In part two of our feature, we examine how the troubled PC market bounced back

24 Dec 2014

Unwrapping R2D2 for Christmas

Authors of new book on how technology is disrupting Christmas, paint a different sort of festive gift in just a decade's time

24 Dec 2014

Healing hardware - how 2014 saw the rebound of the channel's key market, part one

In the first installment, we look at well the EMEA server market did in 2014

23 Dec 2014


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