Ten signs you have been to the SMAs

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For those that have been to the CRN Sales and Marketing Awards, one or several of these points will strike a chord!

It is the day after the night before and you may be feeling a mixture of euphoria tinged with extreme tiredness and a bit of a fuzzy brain.

Below are 10 signs that you have been to the CRN Sales and Marketing Awards: 

 You have a headache and you feel like you have been steamrollered. Pills have been taken. Copious amounts of water drunk already and it is only 10am. This is quite possibly the effect from slightly over-indulging in the copious amounts of alcohol that seem to be around at SMA time. 

Your feet are aching. Whether you are male or female, wearing your black-tie event shoes does start to pinch after several hours of dancing the night away and standing at the bar.

 You realise that you have a receipt for £5,000 for an item that you 'won' during the silent auction. After a few glasses of champagne, wine, spirits and anything else on offer, it is quite easy to think you don't stand a chance of winning that signed celebrity object d'art for such a ‘bargain' price. Time to ring the bank manager.  

You may have aching sides - if not from laughing at your colleagues and their alcohol-fuelled antics, then definitely from laughing at the genuinely funny host from the SMAs who had you in stitches on the night (Tiff Stevenson, 2018 host, pictured left).

 You have no memory of getting home last night, but you know you ended up at the after-show party and carried on celebrating. Even if your company didn't win, someone in that room had and that was reason enough to party.  

Your phone memory is running dangerously low and filled with hundreds of videos of random people dancing and everyone on the videos is calling you mate, but you have no idea who they are. Plus you are getting a lot of texts from people you don't remember meeting.

Everyone that made it into the office this morning is happy after a night celebrating all that is great in the sales and marketing world. Those that didn't come to the event are just a little bit jealous because it is all the rest of the office is talking about. I mean, did you see that awful outfit/haircut/behaviour? 

alt=''You are feeling rightly proud that your company was either shortlisted, or actually took home an award on the night. Doubly so if you were given the honour of taking the trophy home and you actually got it into work in one piece where it is now displayed it in the cabinet for all to admire. virtual high five to you

You are feeling pretty smug, because you actually didn't drink that much, but your colleagues did, and unlike them, you can remember EVERYTHING they got up to and have pictorial evidence to back it up on your phone. Of course, you will wait until a later date to actually use said pictures.

Finally: You are determined to help your company win the award next year if you were pipped at the post and you know exactly where to start. You can almost feel the award in your hand already. 

This year's SMA deadline is Friday 29 March at 5pm. To find out more and submit an entry, click here.

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